February 29, 2012

FEBRUARY D.O.T.M. - Juliet Frishette

Honestly, I usually don't like Acro dances all that much after seeing the same tricks used over and over again. But Juliet Frishette is different.
Her latest acro solo, Unravel (above) is breathtaking. Not just are the tricks spot on, but her movements are so graceful and precise. And boy, would you look at the muscles on her legs? I can't believe she's only 12 years old. 

David Hofmann photography

As side from being a dancer, Juliet is also an actress. Just recently she was filmed in an episode of Modern Family. She has also been in a Capri Sun commercial, a Sharkies Fruit Snacks commercial, and in a Palm Springs Int Film Fest Commercial.

Juliet resides in Living in Los Angeles, California. She holds numerous titles as a competitive dance and gymnast. I really admire Juliet's fierce stage presence and strength. 

Find Juliet Frishette on Youtube and ExploreTalent!

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