February 3, 2012

a moment of relaxation

After a hectic week I finally have some time to relax.
Everyone has been discussing their plans for next year - what electives they're taking, what classes and teacher's they're hoping for, and their goals. I'm interested in taking ceramics, but also Psychology . . . it's a shame that my schedule only fits one elective but there's always the year after that, and the one after that, and so on. I'm leaning towards taking ceramics because it covers the one art/music credit needed to graduate and I may as well get it over with during my first year! Besides, I'm excited to use a pottery wheel and experiment with art. I'm also hoping to get into Honors English. I just have to get my letter of recommendation . . . 

EDIT: I ended up getting recommended for an art class that combines many styles. I'm incredibly excited and so grateful.

This is it. In just a few months I will be entering my first year of High School. 
Oh my!
Time sure does fly.

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  1. yes. time DOES fly. i hate it. i can't believe i'm a senior in highschool this year. we at my house have this saying that goes like: time flies when you're having fun. at least it's been fast but good times :)