February 17, 2012

inside out (pointe shoe tip)

If you are a newbie on pointe (like me!) than chances are you probably wear some sort of padding (if not you are one tough cookie :)

In the past lambswool was one of the main forms of pointe shoe padding but now-a-days products like Ouch Pouches by Bunheads seem to be increasingly popular. I myself wear ouch pouches. Practically every dancer en pointe at my dance school wears them. They are durable, small enough to fit inside a pointe shoe bag and easy to find in stores. However I have noticed that over time Ouch Pouches don't seem to serve there purpose as well as they did when they were brand new. They provide less comfort for your toes. One solution to this problem that I have found is to turn your Ouch Pouches inside out. It really does work! A fellow dancer of mine also does this and it has worked for her as well. I turn my Ouch Pouches inside out ever other week and they feel new again.

Bunheads' Ouch Pouch

Another thing: don't leave your padding in your pointe shoe when you're not dancing. I have been told this various times by pointe shoe fitters, dance store owners and my very own teacher. Sweat collects in your padding and leaving them inside pointe shoes can damage them which you don't want to happen. Instead, after dancing take off your pointe shoes, take out your padding and leave it inside of your pointe shoe supplies bag (if you have one) next to your pointe shoes. Then leave the entire bag hanging on your bedroom door handle for awhile to give it time to air out.

BLOCH pointe shoe bag

Have  a dance-tastic weekend,

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