April 27, 2012

costumes, costumes! //recital\\

/ Image credit here This of course is not my costume. \
Ah, the long-awaited dance recital costumes are here! I'm so happy.
If you don't know already, I take ballet, jazz, and modern.

I have memorized all of my recital dances except for my jazz one. Lets just say that I don't have the best memory in the world...but, I'm really nervous. I just haven't memorized my jazz dance in it's entirety! I don't really think it's my fault though, because my jazz teacher hasn't even finished choreographing our dance. My modern and ballet dances were finished weeks ago. But no, of course we haven't even finished jazz yet.

We had to show our jazz dance to the advanced jazz class because our classes run at the same time. Their dance was amazing. Ours was incomplete. 5 minutes before we had to preform it in front of them, our jazz teacher told us to just do some combination from a previous dance. Previous as in a dance we did in September.

Yeah, well, preforming in front of the advanced jazz class was a disaster.
Not very fun. At all.
I was embarrassed.

Our jazz teacher says we'll finish up our recital piece with some fouetté turns and leaps. Kinda yay-ish? 
Click here if you want to watch some 7 year old girl do 32 fouetté turns!

I'm excited for the leaps. Leaps are my strong point. Fouetté turns...not so much.

/ Image credit here This is a pretty irrelevant picture. But it's just so beautiful.

I love my ballet costume. It's just so pretty. In the catalog cut-out, the model wore a little crown on her head. I kinda wish we got to wear a crown, because then we would all really feel like princesses. Oh well.

While I was wearing my ballet costume, Ms.Pear complimented me. She said "Oh look how beautiful." Hearing that from her, well, my smile rose to my ears. Ms.Pear is a strict ballet teacher, but she is kind hearted. 

My modern costume actually looks better in person than it did it photograph. Yippee. 
It reminds me of the ocean with it's different shades of blues and hints of white. 

Just a few more weeks until recital.

This will be my first recital at this new dance school! 

This year went by super fast.

April 9, 2012

what i love about pointe

I love pointe.
I love feeling greater than myself.
I love feeling beautiful, like a real ballerina.
I love feeling taller!
I love the sense of being "advanced" compared to the younger students.
I love the challenge.
I love how even the simplest of steps look delicate.
I love performing on pointe (I haven't yet, but I will in June).
I love when Ms.Pear says that we're doing so well on pointe.
I love pointe.

Image from www.artelista.com

P.s. I love how Spell Check says that "pointe" is spelled incorrectly when it's not. (I'm kidding. I don't really love that).

end of the year recital

Let me tell you a story (or rather, copy and paste this from my old blog)...
I'm Caity and dance is one of the biggest parts of my life. I hope to continue my appreciation of dance throughout my entire life, no matter what career I pursue. I started dancing around age 4 in a ballet/jazz/tap workshop class. As time went on I stated to take the styles in separate classes and experimented with hip hop. At age 10 I started ballet after a substitute dance instructor suggested seeing I had some sort of potential. That class I had some strange, random sense to point my toes a lot and to dance with poise. I truly believe that is the reason for the teacher suggesting I being ballet. I took ballet for the next three years. At the end of the 3rd year, my mother and I came up to a decision: this dance studio was not right for me. They were more recreational and did not stress technique or anything much at all. It seemed like most of the girls in my ballet class (which was very few) were only there because of their parent, or because they needed to be in that class to be able to have a solo. No one wanted to admit that they loved (or even liked) ballet. And most importantly, their one and only ballet teacher was practically paralyzed and could barely move. Not very suited to teach beginners ballet.

And so that following summer, right after the yearly recital ended and classes were over and done with, my mother and I started our search for a new dance school. A close friend of mine suggested a certain dance school relatively close by. I signed up and took their summer classes. It was refreshing. I started fall classes taking ballet (FINALLY GETTING ON POINTE!!!!! Exclamation necessary), jazz, and modern. At this new school we DANCE, take advantage of Opportunities and perform. But most importantly, in these few months that I've been here, I've learned more than I had all 3 years at the old dance studio. I'm continually developing better technique, more grace, flexibility, and oh so much more.

Now that that has been sorted out, I'd like to inform you that the end of the year recital is coming up. It's at the beginning of June...2 MONTHS!

I'm terribly nervous.
I don't want to let down...(what shall I call her, I need some sort of code name for the owner of the dance studio I go to, the lady who is also my ballet teacher...ah, I'll call her Ms.Pear).

So, I don't want to let down Ms.Pear. How could I let down Ms.Pear?
Well, since I'm still sorta new to the dance school, I feel like I'm not fully one of them yet, like I need to prove that I am. I'm afraid I'll mess up on stage or worse not even make it to the recital for whatever reason?

I need more confidence before June.

i don't know if i'm cut out for blogging

I feel like my blogs (yes, this isn't my first blog. I've had a few before this, none of which you have probably heard of as they were not very popular) are never real. My writing is never personal. I was always too scared to be me. All I ever wrote about is this show and that trend and this and that and...
That's what it is.

I never wrote for myself.
I've always written just to have a blog.
Which doesn't make sense at all.
But no more.
I will blog what I think from now on.
Which probably means my posts will be short.
And not as well written as most blogger's posts.
And that is because you're all older than me.
I'm very small (not literally).

I'm going through an odd-phase right now, I guess.
But I will blog on for now.

dance academy


The show follows 15 year old Tara Webster and her life at the National Ballet Academy of Australia. It's filled with teen drama and lot and lots of dancing. Finally a TV show mainly dedicated to teenage dancers! I feel like I can connect to the show and it's characters in so many ways. At times I kinda wish I went to the National Ballet Academy of Australia with Tara, Kat, Abigal, and Sammy. When I first saw a preview for Dance Academy months ago, I thought it looked cheesy. It's only a little cheesy, but it's mainly a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

I started watching Dance Academy a few days ago on Netflix and have finished the first season already. The song played during the opening credits is really catchy too... I want to see season 2 so badly! Just from the promo video it looks drama and dance packed. 

Have you watched any new TV shows or movies lately?

looking out at the water

Looking out at the water I feel relaxed. I feel a sense of calmness. I feel natural.
Trips to the ocean always result in a fun time. 
There's something about the ocean that holds me captivated. It's a big huge mystery, the ocean. I love it.

i could use a haircut


(I originally posted this on another blog, but then deleted it).
I've been wanting a haircut for a few months now. The only reason I haven't yet is because I want to donate it for a wig for cancer patients (such an amazing cause). The hair donating requirements are 8 inches, I'm guessing I currently have 6 1/2 inches. Hopefully my hair will grow a bit more & I can donate it soon! Once my hair is cut, it will probably be around shoulder length. There are actually some really cute shoulder-length hair styles:

Emma looking dazzling with her wavy due!

Middle Part
I'm leaning towards getting my hair layered after the cut (which might make it kinda shorter) but I'm not sure yet. A shorter cut will be nice and easy to keep up with during the warm weather.

Have you gotten a haircut recently?

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