April 9, 2012

dance academy


The show follows 15 year old Tara Webster and her life at the National Ballet Academy of Australia. It's filled with teen drama and lot and lots of dancing. Finally a TV show mainly dedicated to teenage dancers! I feel like I can connect to the show and it's characters in so many ways. At times I kinda wish I went to the National Ballet Academy of Australia with Tara, Kat, Abigal, and Sammy. When I first saw a preview for Dance Academy months ago, I thought it looked cheesy. It's only a little cheesy, but it's mainly a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

I started watching Dance Academy a few days ago on Netflix and have finished the first season already. The song played during the opening credits is really catchy too... I want to see season 2 so badly! Just from the promo video it looks drama and dance packed. 

Have you watched any new TV shows or movies lately?

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