April 9, 2012

i could use a haircut


(I originally posted this on another blog, but then deleted it).
I've been wanting a haircut for a few months now. The only reason I haven't yet is because I want to donate it for a wig for cancer patients (such an amazing cause). The hair donating requirements are 8 inches, I'm guessing I currently have 6 1/2 inches. Hopefully my hair will grow a bit more & I can donate it soon! Once my hair is cut, it will probably be around shoulder length. There are actually some really cute shoulder-length hair styles:

Emma looking dazzling with her wavy due!

Middle Part
I'm leaning towards getting my hair layered after the cut (which might make it kinda shorter) but I'm not sure yet. A shorter cut will be nice and easy to keep up with during the warm weather.

Have you gotten a haircut recently?

(photos 1234, and 5)

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