January 30, 2012

time flies

Maybe right now my blog seems boring.
I don't take many of my own pictures.
I don't travel the world.
I don't have kids,
or go to college
or live in a big city.

But that's okay because most teens my age don't either.

And even though so many of the bloggers today seem to have big glamorous lives, once they were  small, humble beings like I am now,
They went to school, studied, hung out with friends, and had hobbies.

But did they blog?
Am I part of the first generation of young teens who take part in the blogging atmosphere?

Am I courageous for putting myself out there, letting myself go and letting the words just flow?

Will this make any sense and will people understand one bit of this?

Maybe it's time to take chances.

Soon enough I'll be older and wiser
and probably still blogging.

But I won't be as whimsical and silly.
Maybe I should make the best of the time I have,
and let the future play out as planned.

Sometimes we just need to have a different outlook.