January 22, 2012


It seems as it my bookmarks are infinite, they never end.
This afternoon I decided to go through them. I re-discovered long forgotten websites and blogs, some of which I questioned the reasoning behind bookmarking them in the first place. Here are some of the odd, miscellaneous websites I found through my bookmark folder de-cleaning.

- link for this phone (which I wanted years ago)
- guide on how to stop your puppy from biting you
- a Google images search on Elf Owls
- the definition of enthrall
let me Google that for you: Rick Rolling
rain sounds?

I've still got a bunch to go through but I've had a few laughs at the silly things I've bookmarked! It gives me a glimpse into the past-- things I used to like, favorite quotes, words I found interesting-- and how my interests have changed. There have definitely been many more blogs bookmarked recently. I guess it goes to show that we're changing overtime, bit by bit and well, your bookmarks can prove that!

Try it for yourself, then come back to this post and reveal your finds. :)

Happy Weekend!  :)


  1. Aren't they just too cute, Alexandria? :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words on Moda de la Mode, I really appreciate it.

    This post is great, a really fun and original read. Keep up the good work.


  3. It is very interesting what we find interesting at a given time.

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  4. Lol, I could listen to the rain sounds website all day. All I've found in my bookmarks are lots of shopping websites. I guess things never change for me...