January 1, 2012

a dancer's inspiring day

Today involved a lot of dance-spiration. First, I finished reading Last Dance a novel all about a ballerina living and succeeding though having diabetes. Later on I watched Center Stage: Turn it Up which featured a dancer with no resume or prior dance training (besides watching dance videos) making it big.

Center Stage: Turn it Up also brought up the point that you can have an excellent resume, but if you don't dance with soul then there's nothing.

What a day! These two stories are helping motivate me towards my goal to become a better dancer. Dance the world away. :)

"It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer." 
                                                                 ~Shanna LaFleur


  1. Oh I loved the movie Center Stage!!! Good luck on your dancing!

  2. It's a great movie, isn't it? :)