January 13, 2012

The passing of a dear friend

1.11.12 marked the day a hero was lost. Niall was more than a hero, he was a friend, a brother, a student, peer, individual, friend, buddy, pal, and a beautiful soul. I was going to dedicate Tuesdays to inspirational posts until I found out someone else does the same thing. So I had decided to post inspirational posts on Wednesdays from now on (which works out well because that's the day Niall passed on). Maybe it's just fate that I decided to not post it on Tuesdays. Wednesday posts will be dedicated to Niall.

 Niall was the kind of guy that always had a smile on his face and always seemed to make everyone smile too. He had a wonderful sense of humor, a great smile and an optimistic outlook. Not once did I ever see him pout or complain. I guess God needed another angel up there. The two days following his passing were in memory of Niall. Both days many students wore blue (his favorite color) and tons of posters decorated the walls of the school. Banners with messages and signatures from students were signed and will be presented to his parents. A sweet speech was given in his honor over the loud speaker as well.

 Niall will be dearly missed and will always be in our thoughts and hearts. Till we meet again, luck, wisdom, love, and best wishes. . . <3

Life is too Short to blend in ♥
Life is too Short to blend in ♥ by littlesunflower featuring 
I created a set for Niall on Polyvore 4 months ago.
<3 <3 WE MISS YOU NIALL <3 <3
<3 <3 WE MISS YOU NIALL <3 <3 by littlesunflower
I created this set today.

P.S. I changed my background and color scheme in honor of Niall who's favorite color was blue.

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