January 28, 2012

ice skating

This weekend a few friends and myself went ice skating in celebration of our other friend's birthday. It was the first time I had been skating in years, yet I was incredibly excited.

I remember the last time I went skating: I was with a friend and we were enjoying ourselves. As I stepped out onto the ice this time, I realized my memory of ice skating may have been a bit exaggerated. 
I clung onto the railing as I tried to get used to wearing the ice skates on ice. After a few minutes though I let go and slid around. This isn't so hard I realized. 

Releasing your grip on the railing of the ice rink is like letting go of the ballet barre while maintaining a proper arabesque position. The first time you ever attempt this, chances are you'll wobble a bit or possibly even fall. But after awhile you start to get the hang of it. 

You might not become a perfect figure skater overnight but over time you can achieve greatness with effort and patience. 

I've realized that there are quite a few similarities between ballet and ice skating. Ice skaters need flexibility and balance right? They also need grace!

Tips for First-time Ice Skaters
1. Expect the worse. Plan ahead and bring some band-aids (blisters--yuck!) and other must-have items. 
2. Wear proper attire. Gloves, hats, jeans, sweatshirts, etc. It can get real cold.
3. You're probably going to fall at least once. When you feel like you're about to go ker-plunk, stand up straight, chin up. It'll help you regain your balance. If you do happen to fall, as long as you're a-okay, just stand up and laugh it off. It happens to everyone and is totally NORMAL!
4. Go with a friend! It makes everything funner-- even falling on your bum!

Have you been ice skating lately or have tips of your own?

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