January 21, 2012

JANUARY DOTM: Sophie Miklosovic

January's Dancer of the Month
One day, months ago I was skimming YourDanceChannel  when I came across the video of a young dancer  named Sophie Miklosovic. She was dancing to the song "Life Is Beautiful" By Michelle Tumes (a song I later fell in love with and added to my iPod) and she was dancing it beautifully. Honestly it is one of my favorite dances ever and I've watched it at least 100 times. She is currently eleven years old but due to to January 1st rule she competes at age group 10.

Moon Child, her latest piece is contemporary. It even won 1st Overall Junior solo HOF Nationals.

Sophie has been quoted as the "next Melanie Moore" and a "stunning dancer" just to name a few.
I can't wait to see more of Sophie and her dance career. She a beautiful dancer with incredible talent!


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