December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's Christmas Eve! The magical holiday has snuck up on me this year. It seems as the years go on, time goes by faster and faster. I'm incredibly excited though-- after all, Christmas is my favorite holiday. Family, friends, happiness, joy, jolly music, food, presents, love, snow. . . :)

Dance classes will be starting up in one week. It's been 1 week since I've been to a formal class. 2 weeks is a long winter break, for me at least because dance is usually a constant thing: weekly classes all year round including the summer. I can bear a break, it's probably for my own good. I need to relax and take a break. I'm still practicing though! Pirouettes, stretching, random dancing around. . .
Dancing is something I will never stop. ♥

I have discovered a beautiful dance photography project via Hannah's blog. It's called Dancers Among Us, Jordan Matter photography. The picture featured at the beginning of this post is an awesome winter-themed picture from this very photography project.

More pictures can be found here:

Have a jolly holiday everyone!

Best wishes


  1. Merry Christmas to you; it is so great to find another new and fresh dance blog out there. I am now following your blog and I love it and like you, own a dancing blog!
    Have a great Xmas, Melissa, xox

  2. Merry Christmas Eve, Caity! Thanks so much for linking to me. :) Aren't those photographs amazing? Have a wonderful holiday! P.S. I randomly dance around the house, too. :)