December 26, 2011

RSP: Astronomical Chocolate

While visiting Avan Jogia's tumblr (yes, he's the dude from the Nickelodeon show Victorious) I came across these super duper awesome ASTRONOMICAL CHOCOLATES (also referred to as Wakusei Shokora). At first they didn't even appear to be chocolates to me. But further investigation led me to find out that they are in fact real. Or at least seem to be.

They are available at a Japanese chocolate shop, called the Rihga Royal hotel in Kita-ku, Osaka. . .and that very shop can be found here.
It's just too bad that they can't be bought in general stores. . .because I would so buy them. They are 400 yen a piece, a box of eight sells for 3,200 yen.

Aren't they just awesome?!

P.s. RSP stands for Random Short Post. Hope you enjoyed my first ever RSP!!! :D


  1. Wow they are seriously something else! I love them although I think they are just a bit too beautiful to eat. Congrats on your first RSP. x

  2. those are really neat...almost too cool to eat! :)