December 22, 2011

New Year's Resolutions and Goals!

[ Hey, it's a soccer "GOAL"! Get it? Maybe not. But anyway,
here is the photo credit ]

Now that my intro is over and done with (phewf!) I can get to really posting. And with the new year coming up closer than you know, it's time I'd start thinking about my resolutions. And while I'm at it I'll add some goals for next year as in September when school and dance begin.

My New Year's Resolutions are as follows:
~ Practice.Practice.Practice. Every single day.
~ Get more muscle (core) and become more flexible.
~ Practice pointe every other day. Or maybe even every single day.Not sure how this one will work out...
~ Listen to my teachers. Remember criticism and fix my mistakes.

Over the Summer:
~ Take a bunch of classes. You're required to take at least 1 ballet so I'll be there anyway!
~ SIGN UP FOR FALL CLASSES EARLY! Get first spot. This past year the class I was supposed to be in was full so I took another class with a different age group. Not going to happen next year!
~ Practice. Don't get all rusty just because it's summer!

For next fall:
~ Take advantage of all of the opportunities. Go to the workshops, audition for the productions, etc.
~ Take as many ballet classes as possible.

So that's it (for now!)
What are your new year's resolutions or goals? I'd love to hear them. :)

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  1. this is a wonderful list of goals. you can do it!

    P.S. Merry Christmas. :)